As part of the effort to develop effective treatment strategies for each cancer patient, McKay-Dee Hospital has been accredited by the American College of Surgeons. The accreditation requires us to follow specific guidelines and to offer the best proven technologies and methods available for cancer treatment.

After we diagnose cancer, a patient treatment plan is created. At McKay-Dee Hospital, this involves a multidisciplinary team of doctors and healthcare professionals who work together to develop the most effective strategy for treating each patient. Several factors are taken into consideration when determining the best course of action. Some of these are age, overall health of the patient, type, location and stage of cancer.

A cancer treatment plan could involve radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery or any combination of the three. Before the patient begins treatment he or she will meet with all of the treating physicians in a multidisciplinary clinic. Here, the current health of the patient will be assessed, the treatment plan will be presented and the patient can ask questions. Throughout this process patients are encouraged to bring a family member to their appointment for emotional support, and to ask an additional questions.

McKay-Dee Hospital is dedicated to the comfort and success of each individual. During treatment, an entire team of doctors, nurses and technicians is available to answer any questions and guide the patient. If there are changes in the cancer or the overall health of the patient during treatment, the multidisciplinary team of physicians treating the patient will reevaluate the plan and immediately make any necessary changes.