Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a method of taking precise, detailed pictures of the inside of your body using powerful magnets, radio waves, and a computer. MRIs do not use radiation.

Frequently Asked Questions


When scheduling my appointment, are there certain conditions that I need to know about?

Please let the scheduler know if you have any of the following, as they may interfere with the MRI:
  • Pacemaker
  • Aneurysm Clip
  • Implanted device such as a neurostimulator, vagal stimulator, insulin pump
  • Metal around the eyes or ears
  • Shrapnel in your body
  • Pregnant
  • Over 350 lbs.

How Do I Prepare for my MRI exam?

You will be asked to change out of your street clothes and into a hospital gown and pants. You will also be asked to remove all jewelry and hair accessories; wedding rings are usually ok to leave on. Hearing Aids must be removed prior to entering the MRI room, as the magnet can damage them. All personal belongings will need to be locked up in a locker, including wallet, cell phone, watches etc.

Some exams will require you to be fasting for a minimum of 4 hours. The scheduler will let you know if this applies to you. It is okay to take your medications with a small amount of water, even if you are asked to fast.

If you are or think you may be claustrophobic, please inform your physician.  Your physician may be able to prescribe medicine that will help reduce anxiety. This prescription will need to be filled and taken 30 minutes prior to your exam.


What should I expect the day of my MRI?

Upon registering, you will be given forms to fill out about your symptoms and a questionnaire about any metal in your body. After filling these out, you will be met by an MRI technologist, who will go over the forms with you. You will be taken back to a dressing room, given clothes to change into, and given a locker for your personal belongings. The technologist will then take you into the MRI room, explain the procedure to you, and position you on the imaging table.

MRI exams can be very loud, so you will be given headphones for hearing protection and will be able to choose what kind of music you’d like to listen to during your exam. You will also be given a squeeze ball. This ball enables you to alert the technologist if you need anything during the duration of your exam. Please feel free to ask the technologist any questions you may have about your exam. You will then be placed inside the MRI scanner. The technologist will have you in full view throughout your entire exam. Most MRI’s take between 30-45 minutes. A contrast agent may be administered depending on the type of exam you are having. You will be required to hold still throughout the exam in order to obtain the best diagnostic pictures.


How do I get my MRI results?

A Radiologist will study your images and report the findings to your physician within 48-72 hours. Your physician will discuss the results with you.


Will my head be inside the MRI scanner?

Your head may or may not be inside the MRI scanner depending on the type of exam you are having. The body part being imaged needs to be in the center of the scanner. For some exams, you will be able to go into the scanner feet first. These exams include feet, ankles, legs, knees, pelvis, and lower back exams. For head, neck, heart, shoulders, and upper back exams, you will need to go into the scanner head first. Please refer to the pictures to answer more questions about how you will be positioned on the imaging table.


I am claustrophobic. How can I reduce anxiety for my MRI exam?

Positive thinking, breathing relaxation techniques, keeping your eyes closed during the exam, listening to your favorite music, and communicating your needs to the technologist before, during and after the exam can all be very helpful in reducing anxiety.  We encourage you to please communicate your needs with the MRI team so that they can provide you the best care.

Some people who experience claustrophobia may be able to obtain a prescription from their physician for an anti-anxiety medication, prior to MRI imaging.  You will need to fill this prescription prior to your examination.  MRI technologists cannot give medication for anxiety.


Further questions:

If you have further questions about your MRI exam, please call 801-387-7200 to talk to a scheduling specialist who can help answer any questions you may have.  If you would like to expedite the check-in process, please print and fill out the MRI forms.

Please bring the completed forms with you to your scheduled MRI appointment. 


MRI History Forms

Prior to a scheduled MRI print/download the appropriate form and bring to the appointment. 

All Scans - Screening Form







Orbit Face Neck




TMJ Questionnaire