NICU Reunion

Every summer a reunion is held for NICU graduates of McKay Dee. During this event, families can visit with their doctors and nurses, and meet other families who have gone through similar experiences. It is an afternoon of fun with games, food and entertainment for the whole family.

Common Bonds

“Common Bonds” is our parent volunteer organization focused on providing support for families with babies in the NICU. Parent volunteers provide information, practical suggestions and emotional support for families. Common Bonds holds educational classes on Car Seat Safety, Massage Therapy, RSV, Handling Stress, and other helpful topics. 

Ice Cream and Isolettes

“Ice Cream and Isolettes” is a program designed to inform families about the hospital, hopefully alleviating some of their concerns. Siblings are able to talk about their baby as well as learn about the tubes and machines helping keep the baby healthy. Through pretend play and arts and crafts activities, children are able to express their concerns and have their questions answered.

Infant CPR

Parents, grandparents and your baby’s other major care givers (ages 12 and older), are all encouraged to learn infant CPR skills, and how to identify and respond to emergencies with your baby. Infant CPR classes are offered to family members of our NICU babies and are taught by certified Respiratory Therapists.