Shoppable Services at Park City Hospital

General Disclosure

The two lists of standard charges displayed represent the pricing information for medical items and services required by the federal Hospital Price Transparency Rule. The pricing information does not necessarily reflect your financial responsibility for your hospital visit, for several reasons, including:

  • The listings reflect prices paid by your insurer for services provided during your hospital visit, which may not reflect your share of the costs for these services under the terms of your health plan.
  • The prices for your insurer are only available if your insurer covers the medical items or services under the terms of your health plan.
  • The actual medical items, including medications, and services that are furnished to you during your visit may vary from what is anticipated.
  • You may receive services or supplies from physicians, practitioners or contractors who are not employed by this hospital; the prices for such services or supplies are not listed here.
  • Your insurer may not be contracted with this hospital for all services. The posted prices will not apply to services for which your insurer has not contracted.

These listings do not guarantee pricing, coverage, benefits, or payments. Your financial liability will be based on the medical items and services billed by the hospital, the terms of your insurance policy, and the status of your benefits (i.e., deductibles, out of pocket maximum, co-insurance, and copays) at the time you receive care. Your eligibility and the amounts covered by your insurance are solely determined by your health insurance provider.

We encourage you to contact a Hospital Cost Estimation Specialist at (855) 442-8601 or or your insurer to obtain more precise information regarding your potential financial liability.

CDM Bill Item Service Code Service Description Payer Plan Name Inpatient Cash Price Inpatient Min Price Inpatient Max Price Inpatient Negotiated Price Outpatient Cash Price Outpatient Min Price Outpatient Max Price Outpatient Negotiated Price Charge Price