A lower body lift, also called a belt lift or total body lift, combines an abdominoplasty with a posterior body lift to smooth and tighten the trunk, buttocks, thighs, and hips. This procedure dramatically improves the contours and shape of the body. It is often performed after massive weight loss on patients who have maintained a healthy and stable body weight for at least 12 months. Massive weight loss causes diminished tissue elasticity, resulting in sagging skin. This procedure effectively removes the loose, hanging skin that remains after significant weight loss.

Many patients feel frustrated after losing a large amount of weight since they typically still have folds of loose skin. A belt lift simply removes the excess skin that diet and exercise cannot remove. Some patients also have liposuction as part of the operation, which helps to eliminate fat deposits located under the skin.

It is a more extensive operation, which is usually performed in a hospital under general anesthesia, and often requires an overnight stay. Your surgeon will discuss surgical options, expected outcomes, and possible complications with you at your consultation.