To Arrange a Scheduled Admission

Arranging admissions for the next day or further in the future:

  • Call the Admitting Office at (801) 662-1070.
  • Contact the Nursing Supervisor for special requests or information regarding patient placement, such as need for isolation, telemetry or patient with tracheostomy. Page the Nursing Supervisor by calling (801) 914-6960.

Please remember:

  • Admitting Office needs notification of all patients requiring an inpatient bed following procedures such as biopsies, heart catheterizations, sleep studies, etc.
  • Please schedule elective admissions to arrive at the hospital in the afternoon. Beds are often not available for early morning admissions. If there are concerns, please page the Nursing Supervisor by calling (801) 914-6960.

To Arrange an Unscheduled Direct Admission

A direct unscheduled admission is defined as:

  • Same day admission
  • Emergency Department is not required


  • Call 1-855-WE-ADMIT at any time 24 hours a day.  Your call will be answered by the Primary Children’s Physician Referral Center (PRC).
  • Community-based physicians will have a Physician-to-Physician discussion with the Admissions Officer and Nursing Supervisor to arrange your direct admission.

Criteria for a direct admission candidate:

  • Direct  transfers of non-newborns from other inpatient facilities into a Primary Children’s inpatient bed (including PICU and CICU).
  • Direct transfers from an outside clinic, hospital, or emergency department to a Primary Children’s inpatient bed.

These patients are not considered candidates for the direct admission process:

  • Scheduled admissions, such as scheduled surgical procedures, RTU sedated procedures, and chemotherapy admissions
  • Transfers within the hospital
  • Direct transfers of newborns from other hospitals to the Primary Children’s Newborn ICU. (Call NICU directly at 801-662-4100.)

If you have questions about a specific patient and situation, please call the Intermountain Transfer Center at 1-855-WE-ADMIT and the dispatcher will ask a few questions regarding the admission in order to assist you.