To Arrange a Scheduled Admission


  • Call the Admitting Office at (801) 662-1070.
  •  For special requests or information regarding patient placement, (such as need for isolation, telemetry or patient with tracheostomy, etc.) page the Nursing Supervisor at (801) 914-6960.

Things to remember

  • Admitting Office needs notification of all patients requiring an inpatient bed following procedures such as biopsies, heart catheterizations, sleep studies, etc.
  • Afternoon admission times are preferred as beds are often more available during that time. If there are concerns, please page the Nursing Supervisor by calling (801) 914-6960.

To Arrange an Unscheduled Direct Admission


  • Call the Intermountain Transfer Center at 1-855-WE-ADMIT at any time 24 hours a day. 
  • Referring providers will have a discussion with the Admissions Officer and Nursing Supervisor to facilitate direct admission. 
  • Direct transfers of newborns from other hospitals to the Primary Children’s NICU are faciliated by calling the NICU directly at (801) 662-4100.

Direct admission criteria

  • Same day direct transfers from an outside clinic, hospital, or emergency department to a Primary Children’s inpatient bed (including PICU and CICU).
  • Emergency Department evaluation is not required.

Direct admission exclusions

These patients are not considered candidates for the direct admission process:

  • Scheduled admissions, such as scheduled surgical procedures, Rapid Treatment Unit, sedated procedures, and chemotherapy admissions
  • Patients requiring behavioral health intervention, whether medically cleared or not. These patients should be directed to the Primary Children's Emergency Department.


If you have questions about a specific patient and situation, please call the Intermountain Transfer Center at 1-855-WE-ADMIT and the dispatcher will ask a few questions regarding the admission in order to assist you.