Meet Harrison

Harrison is a little boy with a lot of heart. Actually, he's had two - the first was severely damaged from Kawasaki Disease, a rare disease that affects the heart and arteries of children. On three different occasions, he visited the emergency department at Primary Children's Hospital. After the damage caused by a severe heart attack, cardiologists determined that Harrison would need a new heart.

Harrison waited on the heart transplant list for six weeks. Just before Christmas of 2016,  surgeons at Primary Children's performed the complex and delicate surgery. He received the most precious gift that year - the gift of life.

Today, at age 8, Harrison lives life with gusto - punting soccer balls, riding roller coasters, and gleefully roughhousing with his siblings. "We feel an enormous sense of gratitude to the clinicians who have cared for Harrison in so many ways," says Gina, Harrison's mom. "We will never be able to repay them for all that they've done for him." 

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