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Shelby first learned that her baby girl, Teagan had a heart defect before she was born, during a routine prenatal ultrasound. Shocked and heartbroken, Shelby clung to her doctor's assurance that her baby's very best chance of survival could be found right here at Primary Children's Hospital.

The path was not easy. Teagan was only four days old when she underwent delicate and critical open-heart surgery. Another surgery followed less than five months later, as well as several heart catheterizations, and still other procedures.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Teagan's heart challenges are a 10.

For the last five years, Teagan and her family have become regulars at Primary Children's Hospital. They love Teagan's care team - the physicians, nurses, medical assistants, therapists - like family. During longer stays, Teagan especially loved visits from Child Life Specialists, who would use music and art therapy to support her through procedures.

Teagan will likely need procedures all her life. Her family's long-term health goals are to keep her happy and thriving as long as possible. Teagan's long-term goal is to become a cowgirl. Her care team is optimistic that she can be both.

Teagan is now in preschool, and loves learning about letters and playing in her free time. Her famous catchphrase is saying, "I got this!" when she is trying something new.

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