Meet Timmy

Cassy was pregnant with twins when she unexpectedly went into early labor. Doctors tried everything, but late that night, at the hospital close to her home in Idaho Falls, Audrey and Timmy were born at just 23 weeks. Sadly, Audrey only lived 18 minutes. Timmy – less than a foot long and weighing just over a pound – needed the advanced care and expertise of a children’s hospital, so Cassy chose Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Timmy was transported by a medical helicopter with specially trained neonatal nurses. While “Tiny Tim” fought a host of medical challenges, Cassy endured the pain of loss and loneliness. Family and home was 218 miles away in Idaho, but she steadfastly remained at Primary Children’s to support her struggling son. It was a mother’s fierce love that helped her endure her long separation from family.

After a long 5 months, Cassy was finally able to bring Timmy home to cheering family and friends. She says of Timmy’s caregivers, “Day by day special staff members came into our lives. They helped to comfort and reassure me and provided Timmy with the detailed medical care he desperately needed to survive, and truly became family to us. They cared for Timmy not just because it was their job but because they truly loved him, they were invested in him just as much as I was. You can’t put a price on that extraordinary from-the-heart level of care.”

Now weighing 11 pounds and 7 ounces at seven months old, Timmy is a living miracle. “We’re making it,” Cassy says with a smile, “one preemie baby step at a time."

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