Our hospital motto, The Child First and Always® gives us a visible, concise statement of our philosophy. It informs and reassures those who seek our services, and serves as a daily reminder to employees of our commitment to children. This phrase originated from the Hospital for Sick Children in London, England, where it has been used as a motto since the hospital’s beginning in 1852.  

Facts and Figures

  • Average length of stay (days): 4.5 days
  • Average patients per day: 180
  • Emergency Department visits: 39,965
  • Hospital staff, full/part-time: 3,406
  • Inpatient admissions: 14,195
  • Inpatient days: 63,197
  • Laboratory tests: 2,861,397
  • Medical staff membership: 803
  • Outpatient registrations: 175,117
  • Surgical cases (outpatient): 10,948
  • Value of charity care: $6,494,737
  • Volunteer Auxiliary service hours: 62,563

Awards and Recognition

For over 20 years, Primary Children's Hospital has ranked among the best children's hospitals in the United States on various national surveys.



Primary Children's Hospital has more than a century of experience caring for children.

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