School is a normal part of a child's day. In a hospital, school work can provide a degree of normalcy and offer positive distraction. School services at Primary Children's Hospital is a consultation service that provides opportunities for hospitalized children and adolescents to continue educational activities through academic tasks, reading, and/or social connections with their community schools.

Each child’s education plan is individualized. Homework from the student’s school is used during scheduled bedside school time. Families should bring textbooks, current assignments and IEP/504 (if applicable). Primary Children's school services uses qualified tutors to provide help with school work.

Hospital teachers can also communicate with a child's school to facilitate the transition back to school following a hospital stay. Parental input is encouraged, and necessary to get permission to contact the student's school.

Inpatient Services

  • Academic instruction
  • Access to school supplies (including computers)
  • Literacy programs
  • Book cart
  • Preschool programming

Hospital to School Services

  • Establish contact with patient's school
  • Review school history
  • Identify patient's academic needs
  • Help patient and family members navigate education system
  • Provide documentation to patient's school

Hospital to School Discharge Planning

  • Assist families in connecting with their school personnel
  • Educate school personnel about student specific deficits or special needs
  • Provide educational resources to families
  • Provide in-service training materials to school personnel