Primary Children's Hospital is a place of healing. In order to promote a healing and safe environment we ask that patients, families, visitors, and employees observe the following restrictions and guidelines. Contact Hospital Security with questions about these policies.

Outside Doors

After 8 p.m., all outside doors are locked except the main (north) entrance. To enter the hospital after hours, please come to the north entrance. A security officer is on duty at the north information desk 24 hours-a-day. As you enter the building, you will be asked to sign in. Individuals, other than parents, requesting to come into the hospital outside of visiting hours, will be screened by the security officer on a case-by-case basis.

Employee ID Badges

All employees and physicians are required to wear identification badges with their photos. Please ask staff to show their badges if the badges are not visible.


All latex balloons are prohibited in the building. Mylar balloons are permitted and can be purchased in the hospital gift shop. Latex balloons are prohibited because they are the leading cause of choking deaths in children. In addition, many patients and staff are allergic to latex, and the incidence of latex sensitivity appears to be increasing. Please let friends and family members know that any balloons sent to patients must be made of Mylar.


Flowers are not allowed in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit or Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Flowers are allowed in other hospital units. 

Cell Phones

Cell phones can be used in non-patient care areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, conference rooms, and offices. Please do not use cell phones in intensive care units. Cell phone users should maintain a distance of three feet from medical equipment, such as IV pumps and ventilators.


Computers are available for parent use in the following areas: 

  • Medical Library, 1st level
  • Third floor lobby, north end
  • Parent Resource Center, 3rd level
  • WiFi service is available throughout the hospital for your convenience

Electric Toys and Appliances

The hospital maintains strict compliance to national fire safety codes. Electrical toys and appliances such as clocks, radios, curling irons, hair dryers, etc., cannot be brought to the hospital.

Tobacco-free Campus

For the benefit of our patients, Primary Children's Hospital is a tobacco-free campus. There is no smoking or other use of tobacco permitted on the hospital grounds. The nearest smoking area is available across the skybridge, on the soutwest side of University Hospital. Tables and chairs are located there for your convenience.