An electroencephalography (EEG) is a diagnostic test which provides information about the electrical activity in the brain. The test results can provide important information for diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. 

We understand that children need special care, which is why we stay up on safe EEG technology to help doctors diagnose childhood seizures and other neurological disorders. Our specialists work hand in hand with our pediatric neurologists to determine the best treatment plan.

As part of our commitment to family centered care, parents are encouraged to accompany their child to the test and our staff explains each step of the procedure.

Our Outpatient EEG Lab is accredited by ABRET, which evaluates labs based on strict technical standards and the ability to demonstrate quality output. We are one of only two ABRET accredited labs in the intermountain region. 

Electroencephalogram at Primary Children's Hospital

Primary Children's Hospital Imaging Services

1st floor, main campus, in the main building. Look for blue lights when you walk down the hallway.