Riverton Hospital uses the latest technology to make sure patients are safe, secure, and comfortable.

Find Where You’re Going

We have “welcome kiosks” at our entrance to help patients and visitors find a physician’s office, hospital department, or a clinic and check in for treatment.

Keep Providers Updated

The emergency department staff can instantly determine a patient’s location and needs and also find available rooms. This gives staff more time to care for patients.

High-tech Medical Dosing

Riverton Hospital uses AccuDose machines that dispense medications with Biometrics technology to ensure medical dose accuracy and improve patient safety.

Medication Administration

We use bar codes to help us make sure we’re fulfilling what we call the ‘Five Rights of Medication Administration’— the right medication, the right patient, the right time, the right route, and the right dose.

Operating Room Effectiveness

Our operating rooms feature Intermountain Healthcare’s world-renowned clinical information system. This technology allows physicians to access high-resolution clinical images in real time. The staff talks with each other through hands-free, portable communication devices, improving our efficiency and freeing up more time to spend with patients.

Women and Newborn Safety

We’re ahead of the curve with newborn safety. Women and Newborn units can be completely locked down instantaneously to prevent problems. Only authorized staff members with pre-coded badges are granted access to units with infants and newborns.