Our new linear accelerator delivers highly precise treatments up to 75 percent faster for more types of cancer

In 2016 Riverton Hospital added a Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator radiation therapy system, which is the model used by top clinics around the world. The TrueBeam system can treat more types of cancers in difficult-to-reach areas and adapts specifically for each patient's tumor. Real-time 3D imaging helps deliver significantly more precisely targeted radiation while it avoids healthy organs and tissues. The system's key benefits:

  • Radiation can be delivered from almost any angle
  • Respiratory gating technology synchronizes radiation beams with your breathing for tumors that move
  • Treatment times are up to 75 percent faster compared to other advanced radiation therapy systems
  • Treats a wide range of cancers in difficult-to-reach areas

Chemotherapy and Infusion Services

Many cancers require injections, chemotherapy, or treatments given intravenously through infusion. The Cancer Center at Riverton Hospital is able to provide these services on an on-going basis for cancer patients close to where they live, reducing travel time. Other services we provide for cancer patients include placing central and IV catheters, blood transfusions, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, and hydration.