When time is of the essence, we'll get you the care you need right when you need it

When you have an emergency, it's nice to know excellent healthcare is nearby where you live and work. Conveniently located in the Southwest Salt Lake Valley, our emergency department provides care for adults and children 24/7 365 days a year. 

Our experienced team of board-certified physicians, nurses, and critical care technicians have specialized training in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and trauma. We have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to provide our patients with the highest quality of care when they need it most. Yet, wait times are typically short. Most patients are seen within 10 minutes, on average.

If your child needs to be admitted to the hospital, we have an inpatient Primary Children's unit on site, which for many in the southwest valley is closer than the main campus of Primary Children's Hospital. 

Our emergency staff is also experienced in caring for adults. As a smaller community hospital, our staff is able to take the time to understand not just your medical problems, but also understand you as a patient. We are committed to helping you with your healthcare needs and to connecting you with the appropriate resources following your visit. We have access to a large network of specialists - many with offices right here at Riverton Hospital. 

If you need higher level care, we're connected to Intermountain Life Flight, which transports critically ill or injured patients by helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, or ground ambulance. 

Riverton Hospital patients can also be transported to other hospitals with Life Flight bases, including Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City for children and Intermountain Medical Center in Murray for adults. 

Specializing in Two Kinds of Patients: Adults and Children

“Whoever comes in our doors, we’re ready to treat,” says Dave Hasleton, MD, medical director of the Emergency Department. “We’re focused on giving excellent care to everyone — adults and children of all ages, babies to teenagers.”

A Special Emphasis on Kids

Riverton’s Emergency Department has taken steps to ensure that young patients — from newborns to nearly adult — get fantastic treatment close to home. The Emergency Department has dedicated three rooms for pediatric patients, outfitting them with special instruments and equipment. The rooms also have a child-friendly feel, with colorful murals, DVD players, and kids’ books.

All of the department’s physicians and nurses have received special training in treating children, and veteran members of the team have lots of experience caring for children. In fact, many staffers have worked in the busiest, most demanding emergency rooms in the state.

Speed Is a Priority

The Emergency Department’s goal is to have all patients seen by a doctor within 30 minutes from when they first walk in the door. Anyone who’s come to an emergency room knows that speed of care is a big deal. It’s especially important given the number of kids we’re treating. No parent wants to wait with a sick child a minute longer than they need to.

Board-Certified Physicians

All the emergency physicians at Riverton are specially trained and experienced in handling any kind of emergency — from cuts and sprains to more serious problems like heart attacks, strokes, trauma, and pediatric cases. All physicians have practiced in Level I trauma hospitals, which handle the most serious emergent cases.

Great Nursing

All the nurses in the Riverton Hospital Emergency Department are certified in adult and pediatric emergency care, and many have years of experience handling all kinds of emergencies.

A “High-Acuity” Treatment Room

This room is reserved for patients with the most severe problems and is fully outfitted with all the instruments and equipment needed to treat these individuals.

Observation Rooms

Four special rooms are used for patients who need longer monitoring, but don’t necessarily need to be admitted to the hospital. If we have a sick patient and tests don’t immediately confirm what’s wrong, a physician may decide to observe that individual for a longer period. In many hospitals, that patient would be sent home and told to come back in a few hours for more tests. Or they’d be admitted to the hospital, which is much more expensive. Riverton’s observation rooms prevent those problems. The rooms are larger than normal and have private bathrooms, which make a longer visit more comfortable for both patients and visitors.

High-Tech Imaging Tools

A state-of-the-art CT scanner and MRI machine are right next door, which enhances the speed and precision of emergency diagnoses. Physicians are able to use ultrasound right at the bedside — a feature you won’t find in many emergency departments across the country. These tools allow physicians to diagnose internal bleeding, find foreign objects, and look for cardiac conditions quickly and conveniently.

A Comfortable, Secure, Private Setting

Riverton’s Emergency Department offers a more comfortable setting than you’ll find in older hospitals. Treatment areas are safe, secure, and very private.

A Pharmacy Kiosk

The kiosk — which resembles a drive-up window at the bank — is conveniently located in the Emergency Department waiting room so patients can pick up their prescriptions immediately and go home to rest and recover without stopping at the pharmacy on the way home.

An Ambulance on Site

An agreement with Gold Cross Ambulance ensures that an ambulance is always stationed at Riverton Hospital. That means critical patients who require more intensive care can be transported quickly and safely.

Emergency Services at Riverton Hospital

Riverton Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Open today: 24 hours
2nd Floor, We are located to the right of the elevators on the second floor of Building 1.

Riverton Hospital Emergency Department

Open today: 24 hours
We are located on the first floor of the west side of the hospital. Enter directly into the Emergency Department.