Why Intermountain Sanpete Valley Hospital? At SVH, Intermountain caregivers have the ability to conduct an evaluation with a specialist through audiovisual communication using telehealth service.

You may ask, “What is telehealth, and how does this benefit me?” Take for example a person who is having a stroke. Through the Stoke TeleHealth service, stroke patients who come to Sanpete Valley Hospital’s Emergency Room, can be connected with a specialist, via video conferencing, who will speak and assess the patient while working with an onsite trained medical professional team in the room. The specialist can evaluate the patient and provide immediate recommendations to the onsite team of caregivers.  The evaluation and recommendations, allow the local team of caregivers to provide immediate treatment and intervention, especially when time is of the essence. 

Neo-natal Resuscitation for critically ill newborn is another TeleHealth service offered at Sanpete Valley Hospital.  Neonatal Resuscitation can be used when an infant requires immediate life sustaining interventions at birth.  The specialist can connect directly to the baby’s bedside real-time via the video conferencing system. This allows the team of labor and delivery nurses, respiratory therapist, and physicians to hear and observe the infant and direct them in the life sustaining interventions.  “Instead of trying to explain to the specialist over the phone what the infants’ symptoms are, the neonatologist can see and monitor the baby for themselves. They can observe the breathing, color and response of the infant to the treatment,” stated Sanpete Valley Labor and Delivery Nurse Manager, Suzy Zahler. 

Sanpete Valley Hospital also offers several other Tele-Health services such as Critical Care for patients in the ICU, Crisis Care for behavioral health emergencies, Infectious Disease for when unusual infections need to be identified, Lactation for help with breastfeeding, WoundCare for patients who requires complex wound treatment, and TeleHealth for the Pediatric population needing Critical Care for trauma and critical illnesses. TeleHealth is used within Intermountain Hospitals throughout the state and allows for our patients to stay closer to home for their healthcare.


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