The newborn care nursery at Sanpete Valley Hospital provides expert medical care to babies, helping them get a healthy start to life.

Nursery Available for Support

Our nursery is conveniently located near the nurses' station and is available 24/7 to provide extra observation (if needed), or to give moms time to rest.

Encouraging Rooming In

While the nursery is a helpful resource, our care team encourages rooming in. This means moms and babies spend more time together in the mom's room. Rooming in allows you to:

  • bond with your baby
  • develop breastfeeding skills and recognize your baby's feeding ques
  • continue to practice skin-to-skin.

A bassinet is placed in your room to allow your baby to be near you while you and your baby both get some rest.

Sanpete Valley Hospital Labor and Delivery

Open today: 24 hours
From the front entrance, proceed down the hall to Nursing Unit.