Sevier Valley Dialysis is committed to preserving and restoring the health of our patients - helping them to live life to the fullest. Our dialysis center provides this life-saving service three days a week, eliminating the need for our patients to drive long distances to receive the same service. 

How can our team help? 

Our team provides hemodialysis to adult patients and consists of a board-certified nephrologist, as well as our specially trained registered nurses. Our team will help patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) to: 

  • Manage your CKD 
  • Understand your kidneys’ role in your overall health 
  • Better manage diabetes and blood pressure 
  • Understand key laboratory values that your physician will discuss with you (i.e. potassium, creatinine, and BUN) 
  • Maintain your bone health and avoid anemia 
  • Develop effective coping methods