Our neurointerventional team includes specialists from radiology and neurosurgery with advanced training in diagnosing and treating neurological and neurovascular disorders.

Our neurointerventional specialists work closely with neurologists, neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons, and other surgeons and physicians to help create a personal and individualized multidisciplinary treatment plan for each patient.

Catheter Procedures

Catheter based neurointerventional procedures are typically minimally invasive and many are considered alternatives to open surgery, while others are adjuncts.​These diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are typically performed through a small catheter inserted in the femoral artery in the groin region. The most common procedure performed is a diagnostic cerebral angiogram and often this test is performed prior to making a decision as to whether or not to proceed with an intervention.

These procedures are performed in a specialized x-ray room in the hospital called an angiography suite. At Dixie Regional Medical Center we are equipped with a state-of-the-art neuroangiography suite including the newest and highest quality Siemens bi-plane machine.

A Collaborative Approach

We have regularly scheduled multidisciplinary conferences to discuss complex and multidisciplinary neurovascular cases. We invite physicians from the region to attend these conferences, submit cases for review, or refer patients to us for a second opinion.
A nurse visits a patient at her bedside.

Services and Providers

Our neurointerventionalists treat a variety of common neurological conditions.