Maternal and Fetal Medicine Clinic

Maternal-Fetal Medicine is a specialized field of medical practice that manages conditions in pregnancy considered to be "high risk." These specialized doctors — known as Perinatologists — work with your doctor to assure proper care for both mother and her unborn child.

Our Patients

Only about 10 percent of women require the services of a Perinatologist. Our patients are usually women who have medical conditions that can potentially have an adverse affect on the baby during pregnancy. Examples include pre-eclampsia, kidney or gastrointestinal disease, heart disease, diabetes, or other infectious diseases.

Sometimes even healthy women require the specialized care of a Perinatologist. For example, women who may be having twins or multiple babies, those who have had frequent miscarriages in the past, early water break, or other issues that may place the mother or the baby at increased risk.

Our Services

Services available at our clinic include ultrasound, fetal monitoring, specialized fetal procedures, genetic counseling, consultation regarding high-risk pregnancies, and gestational diabetes counseling and management.