On the Mother/Baby Unit, our team of dedicated professionals will help you recover from childbirth and prepare to transition to home. Your nurse will care for both you and your baby to help you better bond with your new infant. We also encourage rooming-in, or keeping your baby with you in your room most of the time. Rooming-in will allow you to have your baby with you as much as you desire. In most cases, routine care and testing can be done in your room if desired. 

The unit is located on the fourth floor of the 400 East Campus.


Following your delivery, you will enjoy your stay in one of our postpartum rooms. Amenities and services include:
  • We offer spacious private rooms and generous visiting hours. There is fold-out bed that can be used if dad or another person of your choice wishes to spend the night.
  • Baby photo services are available.
  • Each room has a DVD player.
  • Our infant security program, endorsed by the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, will protect your baby throughout your hospital stay.
  • A secure, online nursery allows friends and family to view your newborn anytime.
  • Our first-rate complimentary room service program allows you to order delicious food anytime from an extensive menu.
  • To celebrate your special day, a complimentary meal is provided through room service for you and a person of your choice.

Visiting Hours

Visitors must be at least 14-years-old to enter the unit unless they are children of the patient on the Mom/Baby Unit. Children of the patient may visit during visiting hours if they are healthy. General visiting hours are between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily, although a loved on can spend the night with you if you wish.

Pick up the phone at the door to ask for admittance to the unit. All visitors will be asked the first and last name of the patient they are visiting and for a security code. Entrance will only be granted to those who are visiting a known patient. Hospital security may be contacted at anytime for any security concerns.

Virtual Tour

To get a virtual look at what to expect on the unit, check out our virtual tour: