If you have back or neck pain, our Back and Neck Center can help. Our experts are here to give you a quick assessment of your condition, offer treatments, and give you quick referrals to back and neck specialists or therapists if needed. Same-day and next-day appointments are available.

The center is staffed with a physical therapist and nurse practitioner who will diagnose your pain and get you the help you need. Our team provides timely and thorough evaluation, diagnostic workups, and therapeutic treatment of your condition.

Our Process

When you come to us with back or neck pain, our process includes:

  • An initial evaluation with a nurse practitioner will assess the possible causes of your back pain and rule out red flags. The nurse practitioner can offer treatment suggestions, including short-term medication management.
  • A physical therapist is available to evaluate your immediate needs and determine the benefits of further therapeutic intervention. They can provide access to a comprehensive, convenient network of physical therapy treatment centers.
  • Imaging services include access to TOSH's comprehensive diagnostic services including x-ray, MRI and CT.
  • Quick access to spine specialty providers. Referrals to spine specialists within TOSH and/or in your neighborhood will be provided quickly and efficiently. 
  • You will be returned to your primary physician for ongoing primary care needs.

Back and Neck Center

Open today: 8am-5pm
4th Floor, Enter through Entrance 5. Center is located on the fourth floor of the TOSH medical tower.