Recent news about TOSH Pilates

Intermountain TOSH Pilates Program is expanding In-Person classes to help people get active again 

KUTV spot about TOSH Pilates—Check Your Health: Injury recovery through Pilates

ABC 4 talks to TOSH's Betsy Johnson about Pilates and Cross-Training.

Nicea Degering and KUTV Good Things Utah films a segment with Betsy Johnson about the TOSH Pilates program.

Betsy Johnson from TOSH speaks with KUTV's Ron Bird about the other benefits of pilates and the program now available at TOSH.

Mary Nickles from KUTV 2 News spends some time in a TOSH Pilates class and talks to TOSH physical therapist Susan Gates, who explains the benefits of pilates and how she is using it to help patients recover from injury.

Betsy Johnson, TOSH Pilates Director, talks to KUTV 2 Mary Nickles about TOSH's new Pilates program when it launched in April 2015.