We offer therapy to treat every area of your body. Click the links below to learn about the therapy services we offer for specific body areas.

Back and Neck Therapy

Our experienced spine physical therapists are experts in treating back and neck problems.

Foot and Ankle Therapy

Our specially trained foot and ankle therapists use unique equipment an methods to help you recover quickly.


Hand Wrist and Elbow Therapy

Our hand therapists use special equipment designed to help you gain full hand and arm function as quickly as possible.

hip pain 2

Hip Therapy

Our physical therapists have received special training to help you understand your hip pain and design a treatment plan that fits with your lifestyle.

Knee Therapy

Our team of expert therapists will help identify and treat the source of your knee pain.
A female physician consults a female patient in a clinic room

Shoulder Therapy

Our shoulder therapists will design a personal treatment plan to help you return to your activities.