TOSH is unmatched in soccer-specific rehabilitation services. Our knowledge about soccer training, evaluation, rehabilitation, and injury prevention will get you back on the field doing what you love.

Our therapists have deveoped a proven rehabilitation protocol, which includes rehab with a ball at your feet. Other soccer-specific therapies may include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Home-based kicking protocol
  • Video analysis – kicking mechanics
  • Soccer specific training – treadmill, plyometric, and ground-based training

TOSH is the official Sports Medicine and Sports Training provider for the Utah Youth Soccer Association and a leader in the care of soccer players across the state. We employ a full-time soccer program coordinator who helps each athlete get the best possible care for both injury recovery and sports training.

Sports Performance Training


Soccer Training

The TOSH Soccer program is a comprehensive collection of soccer specific training tools designed to push each player to the next level.