We treat throwing injuries for all levels of players – from adolescent players to professionals and all levels in between. Whether you have pain when you’re throwing or have had surgery as a result of a throwing injury, we will develop a treatment program to fit your needs.

What to expect

We will give you a personalized treatment plan to help you recover from your injury. You will also learn about exercises to strengthen your shoulder to prevent future injuries. You may choose to have a biomechanical analysis of your throwing motions, which will reveal mechanical flaws that may contribute to your pain and discomfort while throwing. If flaws are found, we will teach you how to improve your throw, so you won’t be in pain. 

Injury prevention

In this video, TOSH physical therapist Jeremy Christensen shares two stretches that will help pitchers and other athletes who throw things build stronger muscles and avoid injuries.

Sports Performance Training


Baseball and Softball Training

Our baseball and softball programs are designed to help athletes achieve the highest level of performance in all aspects of the game.