Developing an effective training program can be challenging for any distance runner.  It can be difficult to know the appropriate training method for your individual makeup and circumstances. The TOSH Running Program is designed to take the guesswork out of training, help you set realistic goals, and attain them. 

Through one​-on-one and online coaching with our expert team of coaches and scientists you can train smarter to run faster and safer.

Training options include:

  • One-on-one Coaching Sessions: Often runners prefer to train on a track, the trails, a parkway path or a familiar route. Should you choose, one of our coaches can meet you at training locations of your choice for structured and supervised workouts. These sessions are done at the frequency of your choosing and are one hour in length. 
  • TOSH Distance Protocol Sessions: Our coaches administer TOSH distance training protocols on treadmills at TOSH. Our protocols can be customized for athletes of every skill level and any race distance. Each running protocol session is administered with the purpose of providing a productive workout for runners while focusing on efficient and safe running mechanics. The controlled environment at TOSH is ideal for such coaching efforts.
  • On-line Coaching: The TOSH staff will write and deliver weekly training plans for you via email. Working in line with your goals, physiological make up and time commitment, coaches send structured workouts to you at the beginning of each week. The amount of communication through email and phone is predetermined and agreed upon based on your individual needs and desires.

How to get started

An initial evaluation is the first step in training with the TOSH Running Program. This session is vital in helping you and your coach learn more about each other and determine expectations for each of you. During this meeting you will review your training, racing and health/injury history, as well as discuss your goals. Your coach will explain our training philosophy, answer questions and assist you in setting realistic goals.


  • Initial Consultation — $75
  • One-on-One Coaching Session — $50
  • Distance Protocol Session — $30
  • On-line Coaching — $110 to $160/month
  • Supplemental Oxygen Training Session — $35
  • Alter-G Treadmill Session — $10/hour

**All services listed above include 15 percent discount for individuals enrolled in a TOSH Running Program Coaching service