Testing Services We Offer

Physiological and biomechanical testing services are the foundation of TOSH Sport Science. The information we gather from lab and field-based tests helps us develop programs, which are designed to improve training, performance, and minimize injury risk.

Our services include the following tests:

  • VO2 Max
  • Lactate Threshold
  • Gait Evaluation
  • Leg Strength & Power
  • Sport-Specific “Combine” Testing
  • Vertical Jump
  • Standing Broad Jump
  • Shuttle (Pro-Agility)
  • L-Drill
  • 10-20-40 Yard Sprint

Biomechanics Lab

The field of biomechanics applies the laws of physics to the human body and examines the exact movements, coordination patterns, and forces that occur with a given activity. Perfecting an athlete’s technique serves two purposes: It’s required to be successful on the field, track, or court; and it reduces the chance of an injury. The Biomechanics Research Lab at TOSH is involved in a variety of projects ranging from barefoot running to the outcomes of reconstructive orthopedic surgery.

Physiology Lab

The study of human physiology characterizes functional mechanisms of the body. Physiology is a branch of biology that incorporates a range of systems, including but not limited to - the skeletal muscle, cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, nervous, bone, digestive, and kidney systems. In the Physiology Research Lab at TOSH, we are interested in establishing therapeutic approaches for treating inflammatory causes of skeletal muscle weakness and atrophy in orthopedics, sports medicine, and exercise physiology.

Resources and Equipment

Our Human Performance Research Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We study questions of interest and help athletes and orthopedic patients achieve their performance and rehabilitative goals.

Some of our tools include:

  • 8-camera Eagle 3D Motion Capture System (Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA)
  • HD video cameras and custom analysis software
  • In-floor force plates (Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc,, Watertown, MA)
  • 3-D ground reaction force treadmill (Acceleration Products Inc., Park City, UT)
  • Metabolic Measurement Systems (ParvoMedics Inc., Sandy, UT)
  • EMG System (Noraxon USA, Inc.)
  • Pressure Insole Systems (Novel GmbH, Munich, Germany)
  • Luminex System (EMD Millipore, Billerica, MA)
  • BioTek magnetic plate washer
  • Revco Freezer (-86°C, GS Laboratory Equipment, Asheville, NC)
  • Biodex S4 (Shirley, NY)
  • Customized horizontal plyo-press with a mounted force platform (Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc., Watertown, MA, and Acceleration Products Inc., Park City, UT) and displacement transducer (UniMeasure PA-50-NJC, Corvallis, OR)

Human Performance Lab at TOSH - The Orthopedic
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