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The 100-Day Heart Challenge is a health challenge to see who can improve their heart health the most in 100 days

100-Day Heart Challenge

The 100-Day Heart Challenge is a health competition where participants make healthy lifestyle changes to diet and exercise to improve their heart health.


Mental Health Awareness Night

Mental Health Awareness Night is an free evening workshop for local leaders to explain the counseling and medical resources available in Utah County.


Newborn Pediatric Critical Care Conference

Clinical staff caring for newborns and pediatric patients are invited to attend the annual Newborn-Pediatric Critical Care Conference.


Prenatal Education

Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, having a new baby can be intimidating. Prenatal classes can answer your questions and help you feel prepared for your family's new addition.

Race for Red

Race for Red

Runners and walkers of all ages and abilities are invited to take part in Race for Red, a 10K, 5K and mile run that raises awareness of heart disease and heart-healthy living.


Support and Survivorship

Medical challenges and loss can often bring unexpected challenges, both physically and emotionally. The ongoing caring support of professionals and others who have experienced similar experiences can provide great healing and relief.

Women's Health Conference at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

Women's Health Conference

The annual “Composing Your Life” Women’s Health Conference sponsored by Women’s Services at Utah Valley Hospital works to improve the health of women in Utah County.

Wound Care Conference

Wound Care Conference

The Wound Care Conference is designed to help multidisciplinary providers know the history and future of wound care, learn more about wound types, and stay up to date on latest treatment methods.

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Female cancer survivor with her son

Women's Cancer Support Group

7 Occurrences

A cancer support group for any woman who is a cancer patient or cancer survivor.


Pre-Diabetes Class

8 Occurrences

The Pre-Diabetes Class sponsored by the Utah Valley Diabetes Management Clinic provides the most current information about how to prevent diabetes.


Type 2 Diabetes Class

14 Occurrences

The Type 2 Diabetes class helps diabetic patients obtain the tools necessary to better manage diabetes and its effects on their health.

Hip 1-1

Total Joint Replacement Class - Utah Valley Hospital and American Fork Hospital

58 Occurrences

Attend this free joint replacement class at Utah Valley Hospital and American Fork Hospital to learn how to effectively plan for your upcoming joint replacement surgery, what to expect while you are in the hospital, and how to make your recovery at home as smooth as possible.


Brain Injury Stroke Support Group

2 Occurrences

For those who are caring for someone who has had a brain injury or stroke.

A father fishing with his son

Surgical Weight Loss Seminar

25 Occurrences

This free seminar explores the benefits and risks associated with weight loss surgery and allows interested participants to interact with the bariatric physicians.


Coping with Serious Illness Support Group

46 Occurrences

The Coping with a Serious Illness Support Group offers emotional support, education, and an opportunity to connect with others who are experiencing similar struggles.

Women providing support to one another

Look Good Feel Better Support Group

15 Occurrences

The Look Good, Feel Better Support Group is specifically for women who are in cancer treatment.

A mother breastfeeding her baby

Breastfeeding Class

4 Occurrences

This class is designed to provide factual information and helpful advice about breastfeeding while building confidence in women that breastfeeding can work for mom and baby.


Suicide Support Group

16 Occurrences

The Suicide Support Group is for anyone whose life has been affected by suicide.