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The 100-Day Heart Challenge is a health challenge to see who can improve their heart health the most in 100 days

100-Day Heart Challenge

The 100-Day Heart Challenge is a health competition where participants make healthy lifestyle changes to diet and exercise to improve their heart health.

Race for Red

Heart 'n Sole

Runners and walkers of all ages and abilities are invited to take part in Heart & Sole, 5K mile run that raises awareness of heart disease and heart-healthy living.


Mental Health Awareness Night

Mental Health Awareness Night is an free evening workshop for local leaders to explain the counseling and medical resources available in Utah County.


Prenatal Education

Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, having a new baby can be intimidating. Prenatal classes can answer your questions and help you feel prepared for your family's new addition.


Support and Survivorship

Medical challenges and loss can often bring unexpected challenges, both physically and emotionally. The ongoing caring support of professionals and others who have experienced similar experiences can provide great healing and relief.

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Coping with Serious Illness Support Group

27 Occurrences

The Coping with a Serious Illness Support Group offers emotional support, education, and an opportunity to connect with others who are experiencing similar struggles.

A female physician consults with a female patient in a clinic exam room

Life Management

1 Occurrence

Free 90-minute class led by a licensed clinical social worker, you'll learn behavioral patterns for good health, self-awareness, meditation, breathing, and how to make choices that support a healthy lifestyle. 


Kids in the Kitchen

1 Occurrence

Let your kids learn the best ways to fuel their body, fun ways to prepare fruits and vegetables, the power of protein, and how to cook healthier desserts. 


Healthy Living with Arthritis

1 Occurrence

Free 90-minute class will explain how osteoarthritis progresses, how you can manage your symptoms, and which types of aquatic and land-based exercises can help alleviate arthritis pain. 

The 100-Day Heart Challenge is a health challenge to see who can improve their heart health the most in 100 days

Healthy Nutrition with Arthritis

1 Occurrence

This free 90-minute class will show you how food can impact arthritis symptoms. You'll learn about anti-inflammatory foods, nutritional supplements, and strategies to help you lose weight.


Weigh to Health

11 Occurrences

The Weigh to Health Program is an accredited Diabetes Prevention Program for overweight adults who want to lose weight. Our program uses evidence based methods to increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and address health concerns like prediabetes and other weight related conditions.


Back School

1 Occurrence

Free 90-minute class will help you understand basic anatomy of the spine, how to properly perform aerobic exercises, and how to do flexibility and strengthening movements that can help relieve pain.


Hip 1-1

Total Joint Replacement Class - Utah Valley Hospital

7 Occurrences

Attend this free joint replacement class at Utah Valley Hospital* to learn how to effectively plan for your upcoming joint replacement surgery, what to expect while you are in the hospital, and how to make your recovery at home as smooth as possible.

*Note: The class is now held in the Utah Valley Clinic/Sorenson Tower on the north side of Utah Valley Hospital campus (395 W. Bulldog Blvd, Provo UT 84604).


Fitness Foundations

1 Occurrence

Learn how to safely use gym equipment and what muscle groups each piece of equipment strengthens.

nutrition essentials

Nutrition Essentials

1 Occurrence

Learn the fundamentals of healthy eating with this four-week class series.