Lactation consultants at Utah Valley Hospital are available on location to work with mothers who begin breastfeeding. Mothers may request a consultation through their nurse. Breastfeeding consultants are eager to answer questions and demonstrate techniques that can make the experience as fulfilling as possible.

Continued Breastfeeding Support

After you return home from the hospital, you may desire additional breastfeeding support. The board-certified lactation consultants at nearby Orem Lactation Clinic can help you continue to make the most of your breastfeeding experience — even if it starts off as a challenge.

During a breastfeeding consultation appointment, one of our clinic's consultants will answer your questions, perform a recommended check-up, and ensure the breastfeeding health of you and your baby.

A mother breastfeeding her baby

Orem Lactation Clinic

The Orem Lactation Clinic features professional lactation consultants to help mothers with breastfeeding concerns.

Breastfeeding Support at Utah Valley Hospital

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