Heart Care at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is designed to meet the needs of heart patients through a team approach of coordinated care that is provided by highly skilled doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, dieticians, social workers and exercise therapists.

This team, combined with the latest in advanced technology helps us to provide the best care to our patients.


Heart Conditions

We provide evaluations and care for a variety of heart and vascular conditions.


Cardiac Catheterization Lab

The Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center has a goal of providing critical treatment and care for patients.


Cardiac Progressive Care Unit

The Cardiac Progressive Care Unit provides patient-focused, specialized care to patients requiring telemetry monitoring for various cardiovascular disorders.


Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is introduced in three phases, beginning before heart surgery takes place.


Cardiology Clinic

All non-invasive diagnostic tests necessary to determine if there is a problem with a patient's heart are available at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.


Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit

The Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center provides quality, patient-focused specialized care to critically ill adult patients.


Cardiovascular Surgery

The Heart and Vascular Services team offers a coordinated approach with highly skilled healthcare teams.


Electrophysiology Lab

The new Electrophysiology Lab at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is on the cutting edge of treating the heart’s electrical system.


Community Resources

Throughout the year, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center features programs and events to engage community members to improve their heart-related health.