What is Intermountain Dayspring?

Dayspring is an addiction treatment program that helps people recover from substance use disorder. This is done by building strong coping skills and developing ways to resist drug or alcohol use. Because the resources are available through Intermountain Healthcare, Dayspring gives patients access to psychiatry, primary care, and family medicine to make sure patients get the best care.

Available Addiction Services

Our Behavioral Health department offers two main levels of outpatient treatment:

Standard Outpatient: This may include one or more types of treatment, including medication-assisted, group therapy, or solo therapy. Treatment services are based on your needs and goals. This method offers up to nine hours of treatment each week.

Intensive Outpatient: Substance use disorder Intensive Outpatient Programs are for people who are dealing with addiction disorders, or have mental and substance use disorders together, but they don’t need a medical detox or 24-hour supervision. This kind of program is sometimes used instead of residential treatment. It offers up to 19 hours of treatment each week. This program is designed to set up emotional support and help stop patients from relapsing by building coping skills. Dayspring offers a program that lets you keep your family and work responsibilities while you get treatment.

Substance Use Disorder Treatments

Group Treatment - Our group sessions are based on the latest research. We use the Seeking Safety model and materials to treat trauma and addiction. We also use experiential groups to help build creativity and emotional strength. Community support programs are encouraged as another way to get support and connect with a worldwide recovery community.


Solo Treatment - You can meet with a personal counselor or therapist to talk about things that you think are too personal to process in groups. You will also meet on your own with a therapist to go over your treatment progress and you own treatment goals.


Family Treatment - Support from family and friends is very important to treatment outcomes. Dayspring offers family groups and urges close family members and friends to do it with you. These groups focus on the impact of addiction has on your life. You, your family, and your friends will work on making life changes together to support your recovery.


Drug Testing - As with most treatment programs, Dayspring offers drug testing to help you track progress on your recovery journey.


Medication-Assisted Treatment - In some cases, medication-assisted treatment is combined with counseling to help relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings that lead to continued drug or alcohol use. This kind of treatment is often used when treating addiction to drugs like opioids, alcohol, or tobacco.


Opioid Treatment Program - Dayspring in Logan offers an Opioid Treatment Program. This is a special clinic that gives patients a controlled drug, like methadone, to wean them off of opioids over time. If you are getting treatment, you will visit the clinic daily and slowly move towards take-home dosing as you recover.


Continuing Care - When you reach your treatment goals, you are encouraged to go to Continuing Care groups, often referred to as Aftercare, for ongoing help. These groups are open to all Dayspring patients, and you can go for as long as you would like.

Take The First Step

Begin your recovery journey today


At Dayspring, your treatment will start with an assessment to help find the treatment and support you need to get you on the road to recovery. Intermountain Healthcare will work closely with you to figure out if our programs can help you.

Your health insurance may cover all or some of your treatment depending on your plan. We recommend you talk with your insurance company to make sure Dayspring is covered under your insurance. Intermountain Dayspring accepts most insurance plans and will work with your provider to verify your benefits. Contact one of our locations to learn more about which policies are accepted.

Dayspring Treatment and Recovery Locations