Pediatrician Dr. Bentley: 'Utah Doctor of the Year'

Dr. Frank Bentley, a Memorial Clinic pediatrician, was recently named '2012 Utah Doctor of the Year' by the Utah Medical Association. Dr. Bentley has practiced in the Salt Lake City area since 1977.

Dr. Frank Bentley, PediatricianIn announcing the award, the Utah Medical Association's president cited the medical knowledge Dr. Bentley has shared in parts of the world that have sub-standard medical care.

Dr. Bentley has prepared and taught neonatal resuscitation courses to doctors and other healthcare providers in Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Argentina, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. Newborns in these countries are particularly prone to asphyxiation or respiratory depression during childbirth. This is sometimes caused by low birth weight, extreme prematurity, or a lack of modern medical technology.

When asked about the award, Dr. Bentley is quick to share credit with LDS Humanitarian Services, which has organized the neonatal resuscitation trainings that he, his wife and many other volunteers participated in.

Dr. Bentley has also traveled to Senegal and Russia for humanitarian medical projects.

Dr. Frank Bentley is named 'Doctor of the Year' by the Utah Medical Association.

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