Park City Bonanza Clinic Is Now An InstaCare Only

Intermountain Healthcare’s Medical Group is excited to announce some important changes to the Intermountain Park City Round Valley and Bonanza Clinics.  After joining Intermountain Healthcare nearly a year ago, the physicians, providers, patients and staff have collaborated with Intermountain and members of the community to analyze the health care needs of the Summit County.  This led to decisions to enhance urgent care services and expand access to primary care services.  “In order to provide the best access possible, we have decided to designate the Round Valley location for primary care and Bonanza for urgent care only,” explained Dr. Lisa Saturnino.  Dr. Bill Pidwell added that the changes were “driven by the needs of the community and our desire to improve the primary care services at the Round Valley Clinic.” 
Effective August 4th, 2013, the Intermountain Park City Bonanza Clinic, located at 1665 Bonanza Drive, will become a formal Intermountain InstaCare.  An InstaCare provides walk-in treatment for patients with urgent medical needs such as lacerations, broken bones, fevers and respiratory infections. It is designed for people to use when they cannot be seen in a timely manner by their primary care physician, but they do not require the resources of an emergency room. Patients seen at an InstaCare are referred back to their primary care physician for follow-up treatment and continued care. InstaCare is a more affordable alternative for urgent care than an emergency room.  Copays at InstaCare average about $35 versus $150 in the ER.  Wait times at InstaCare are also typically shorter than in an ER setting.  Patients should check with their health insurance provider for specific coverage details and copay amounts.  The Bonanza InstaCare will offer services 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. 
With this change, the Bonanza InstaCare will also offer the Call Ahead program. “During busy times, the call-ahead service will allow patients to call the Bonanza Instacare, be given an arrival time, then wait in the comfort of their home.  When they arrive at the clinic at their identified time, they will be seen promptly,” explains Jana Rae Grose, Clinic Manager.
At the Intermountain Park City Round Valley Clinic, located at 750 Round Valley Drive,  access to services will improve by having consistent, predictable availability of physicians and providers so that patients can easily schedule needed appointments as well as follow-up care as recommended by their medical provider.   The following physicians and providers will be consistently available at Round Valley starting August 4th, 2013:
  • Amy Arriola, PA-C
  • Dr. Bob Barnett
  • Dr. Joe Ferriter
  • Dr. Chris Hays
  • Herb Lepley, FNP
  • Renae Power, FNP
  • Mary Schindeler, PA-C
  • Kathleen Thomas, FNP
Dr. Lisa Saturnino, Dr. Bill Pidwell, Dr. Cress Bohnn, and Dr. Chuck Morrison have chosen to focus their work on urgent care services at the Bonanza InstaCare starting August 4th.  For additional information about the changes or to make an appointment with a physician or provider, you can call (435) 649-7640.

​The Round Valley location will still provide primary care services

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