Reduce InstaCare wait time by calling ahead

We’re pleased to announce that our InstaCares now offer a call-ahead service. When you need urgent care, just call our InstaCare number before you come in. We’ll save you a place in line and let you know an approximate time for service. Of course, we still accept walk-in patients so actual wait times may fluctuate a little to accommodate serious conditions. But with call-ahead, you’ll have a better idea of when you can expect to be seen.

To schedule a time through InstaCare call-ahead, dial your nearby InstaCare:

Herefordshire Clinic (1915 West 5950 South)​

Syracuse Clinic (745 South 2000 West)

Layton Clinic (2075 University Park Blvd)

North Ogden Clinic (2400 North Washington Blvd)

South Ogden Clinic (975 East Chambers Street)

Get on the wait list before you arrive

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