LDS Hospital ‘Delivers’ Newborn Supplies to Homeless New Moms

Today, Santa’s little helpers will wear green suits and funny shoes. Only in this case the green suits are scrubs, the funny shoes are clogs and these elves can deliver your baby, too.

LDS Hospital’s Labor and Delivery, Maternity, and Special Care Nursery along with the Utah Doula Association, have gathered newborn supplies for mother and infant care packages to donate The Road Home, Salt Lake’s homeless shelter.

News media are invited. Please meet in the main lobby of LDS Hospital at noon.

“These women come to us with nothing as far as supplies needed to care for their babies, and they go back to the shelter with a brand new baby and very limited resources,” says Melaine Longmore, LDS Hospital’s Labor & Delivery Manager. “This effort is really personal to all of us who work in Labor & Delivery and Maternity.”

Instead of gift baskets, the Labor and Delivery team thought it would be more appropriate and useful to do diaper bags and worked hard to get the bags donated.

Today at noon, teams of nurses will gather in LDS Hospital’s Labor & Delivery unit to assemble special bags with supplies and then deliver to The Road Home.

They’ve collected over 45 diaper bags and are filling them with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, spit-up cloths, breast feeding covers, and personal care items for mom.

“We are so excited to be doing something that will help these women care for their babies,” says Longmore. “Through generous donations from our staff, local stores, and other donors we hope to be able to continue to support these women throughout the year.”

LDS Hospital ‘Delivers’ Newborn Supplies to Homeless New Moms