Intermountain Healthcare Featured in Harvard Business Review

The article was authored by Intermountain’s Brent James, Intermountain’s Chief Quality Officer, and Gregory Poulsen, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, and looks at how a different structure can cut the cost of healthcare while improving care provided to patients.

For example, James and Poulsen outlined in the article that the fee-for-service model that has been part of the U.S. healthcare system for several decades has contributed to excessive healthcare costs to patients, healthcare systems, and insurance companies. 

James and Poulsen break down how Shared Accountability, Intermountain’s approach to population health, is the way healthcare should be structured nationally.

The entire article can be found at the Harvard Business Journal website.

A new article highlighting Intermountain’s effort to reduce costs and change the way healthcare is provided was featured in the nationally renowned Harvard Business Review.