Intermountain Healthcare Names 2017 Supplier Award Winners

Intermountain Healthcare has announced their 2017 Supplier Award winners. The awards recognize four outstanding suppliers for their work to cooperatively improve and innovate within four categories.

The winners are:

Intermountain evaluates key suppliers who help make a difference in delivering cost effective care and quality outcomes for the approximately one million patients Intermountain serves each year.

“We’re excited to recognize these suppliers that have demonstrated their commitment to helping our patients and community live the healthiest lives possible.  Our award criteria this year focused on collaboration, patient outcomes, positive social and environmental change, and efficiency and innovation,” says Kreg Koford, Intermountain’s AVP for Strategic Sourcing and Solutions.

The award categories, and their winners, were chosen with input from Intermountain business units and Supply Chain Organization leaders. Each award had specific selection criteria and each winning supplier was selected based on current and historical performance and had a unique reason for winning.

  • The Collaboration MVP Award focused on capability and a willingness to collaborate. In addition, the criteria covered a supplier’s ability to be proactive, responsive, and transparent while creating value opportunities. Stryker proved to be the winner by executing and implementing four collaborative projects that increased overall value.
  • The Cost, Quality, Outcomes Award weighed patient outcomes and the ability to create shared value. GE Healthcare accomplished this task of decreasing cost, maintaining quality, and improving outcomes, which resulted in millions of dollars of value. They attained this task by collaborating on image equipment planning cycles, providing available training resources, and significantly improving the speed of acquiring images.
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Award judged a supplier’s ability to demonstrate positive social and environmental change in our communities.  Sterilmed, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, proved to be the winner by integrating a sustainable purchasing process for reprocessed medical devices. They also demonstrated environmental stewardship, governance, empowerment, and diversity within four other projects. 
  • The Supply Chain Excellence Award evaluated suppliers who demonstrated excellence in supply chain efficiency and innovation. Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies was named the winner by demonstrating a collaborative approach for standardizing products and processes. They also engaged in cooperative programs that reduced stock outs, increased standardization, reduced lead times, and optimized perfect order efforts.

“Suppliers who demonstrate value to the organization, and most importantly, our patients, are critical to healthcare’s long-term success. We value our relationships with our suppliers and their patient-centered approach. Outstanding suppliers help Intermountain provide extraordinary care and superior service at an affordable cost,” adds Koford.


Intermountain honors suppliers for working in innovation, cost and quality outcomes, corporate social responsibility and supply chain excellence.