Intermountain Medical Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary This Week; 6.3 Million Patients Cared for In Past Decade

Since opening in Murray on October 29, 2007, Intermountain Medical Center has been recognized as one of the premier hospitals in the country, treating more than 6.3 million patients, including the delivery of 50,644 babies, 848,940 emergency patients, and 55,661 intensive care patients.

During the past 10 years, Intermountain Medical Center has been named as one of the Best Hospitals in America by U.S. News, was featured in a national PBS documentary for its delivery of high-quality, cost–effective patient care, and has published hundreds of research studies to improve the treatment of heart disease, pulmonary and respiratory disorders, organ transplantation, critical care and trauma injuries, among others.

Numeric highlights of the last 10 years. Here are some key Intermountain Medical Center accomplishments from October 2007 to today:

  • Total patients served: 6,326,824
  • Total inpatients served: 299,908
  • Total outpatients served: 6,026,916
  • Births: 50,644
  • Total transplant surgeries: 1,409 (which includes 353 livers, 849 kidneys, 56 kidneys/pancreases, 2 pancreases, and 149 hearts)
  • Total artificial hearts implanted: 9
  • Outpatient surgeries: 143,140
  • Inpatient surgeries: 82,430
  • Emergency visits: 848,940
  • ICU patients: 55,661
  • Patients transported to or from the hospital by Life Flight: 8,560
  • Imaging procedures: 2,018,416
  • Left-ventricular assist devices implanted: 180
  • Doses of medication administered: 30,574,295
  • Lab tests performed: 190,000,000
  • Pacemakers implanted: 6,000
  • Pounds of linen used: 26,956,280
  • Facial tissues used: 21,072,000
  • Diapers used: 4,336,336
  • Syringes used: 24,580,463
  • Miles walked by employees while delivering equipment: 73,737 (which equals 2.96 times around the earth)

This week, hospital employees, clinicians and patients are celebrating this milestone of a decade of medical excellence.

Our celebrations this week are designed to help us express thanks to all of our caregivers and everyone else who’s helped us become one of America’s great hospitals,” says Joe Mott, Intermountain Medical Center’s administrator. “We’re excited to celebrate Intermountain Medical Center’s impact in the lives of everyone we serve — our patients, our community, and each member of our team. Our people have built a strong, influential foundation that’s made us very successful since we opened, and which positions us to become one of America’s best hospitals going forward."

Sunday, October 29, is the 10th anniversary of when Intermountain Medical Center opened its doors and began serving patients. The hospital’s first patient was Jenessa Nagel, one of three triplets in LDS Hospital’s Newborn ICU, who flew in on an Intermountain Life Flight helicopter and was transferred to Intermountain Medical Center. She checked in at 6:17 a.m. Her brother and sister, Natalia and Conner, arrived on a follow-up flight. The hospital’s first non-scheduled arrival arrived in between the triplets — a man came into the new emergency department at 6:18 a.m. with chest pain.

At the end of the first day, 164 patients were in the new hospital, including 113 who were transferred from LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City and 51 from Cottonwood Hospital in Murray, which closed on October 29, 2007. The first baby born at Intermountain Medical Center was born at 11:56 a.m.

Intermountain Medical Center, Utah’s largest and busiest hospital, is celebrating a major milestone this week: 10 years of serving the community.