Telehealth Comes to Columbus Center, Courtesy of Intermountain Healthcare, United Way of Salt Lake, and the City of South Salt Lake

Intermountain Healthcare and United Way of Salt Lake, in partnership with Promise South Salt Lake, announce the opening of a telehealth kiosk at the Columbus Center, 2531 South 400 East. The telehealth kiosk will provide low-cost care to underserved populations in the City of South Salt Lake. 

"We are delighted to be part of this collaborative project, with our partners Intermountain Healthcare and South Salt Lake, to help improve health outcomes," said Bill Crim, President and CEO. "Every community faces its own set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to improving the health of its residents. United Way of Salt Lake is committed to deepening our partnerships to overcome barriers that prevent children and families from being the healthiest they can be.”

Starting on November 14, residents can access healthcare for low-level urgent care conditions through Intermountain Connect Care, a telehealth service that is already available online and on mobile devices, and now becomes even easier for residents to leverage through an onsite kiosk donated by American Well. It will be equipped with a wide range of diagnostic tools including a blood pressure cuff, otoscope, thermometer, scale, and oximeter.

“The physical kiosk will be greatly beneficial for residents as they use the facilities at the Columbus Center,” said William Daines, MD, medical director of Connect Care. “The diagnostic tools that are part of the kiosk enrich the care that patients can receive. But this partnership also serves as a point of education, where volunteers will work with residents to ensure they have access whenever they need urgent care by helping them download the app or sign up on the website so they can use it from home as well.”

The kiosk launch also coincides with the launch of language translation on the service: Interpreters will be available to anyone using Connect Care, including on the website and mobile app, starting November 14th. Intermountain is partnering with GLOBO to offer this service, which is vital for refugees and other populations who sometimes find it difficult to find care for their conditions and understand treatment plans if not provided in their native language.

“Improving access to care is a top priority for South Salt Lake. We have limited options within our city boundaries for residents who need to get low cost care,” says Mayor Cherie Wood of South Salt Lake. “This partnership expands that access to care with the kiosk, which will be available during the Columbus Center open hours, and introduces our residents to a 24/7 mobile and web option for urgent care, no matter where they are. Translation services are also an important component of this partnership.”

Connect Care is well suited for symptoms/conditions such as cold, flu, cough, sore throat, urinary tract infection (UTI), rash, eye infection, headache, and minor sprains or strains. Visits cost as little as $10 for those on many insurance plans.  For individuals covered by Medicaid, a visit costs $3 or less. Additionally, Columbus Center representatives will work with individuals who want to use the kiosk but are not able to pay to help cover the cost of care, by connecting them with resources at Intermountain Healthcare.

“Intermountain is pleased to partner with United Way of Salt Lake,” said Mikelle Moore, senior vice president of Community Health at Intermountain Healthcare. “We are always looking for ways to better meet the healthcare needs of the communities we serve, and telehealth offers a unique opportunity to provide low cost care in a way that is flexible and always available.”

The availability of the kiosk is made possible by a donation of Intermountain’s on-demand telehealth partner, American Well. American Well is already connecting millions of Americans to the doctors they trust for live video visits, both through their own telehealth services and through partnerships such as with Intermountain Healthcare. 

“American Well cares deeply about utilizing what we’ve developed to make an impact within the community, especially for those in need of healthcare,” said Danielle Russella, President, Client Solutions at American Well. “This initiative allows us to contribute to something truly worthwhile.  We’re proud to be a part of delivering much needed care for the residents of South Salt Lake.” 




Intermountain and partners using high-tech telehealth option to provide medical care for under-served populations.