LDS Hospital Launches Healing Program for Bone Marrow Transplant Patients Thanks to Generous Donations




4:30 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018



LDS Hospital (meet in main lobby)

8th Ave C St., Salt Lake City, Utah



Patients, family members and hospital care givers will participate in a very visual art activity project which is part of the therapy program. LDS hospital will install the mosaic at a later date.




A grateful patient’s gift has launched a new approach to easing the emotional challenges of bone marrow transplant patients. For many patients who undergo bone marrow transplants the treatment requires prolonged isolation from everyday life, adding emotional challenges to an already steep recovery.


But now, thanks to an anonymous donor, LDS Hospital has developed and launched a wellness program for bone marrow transplant patients. The program, called “The Joy and Wellness Program,” includes a variety of diversions designed to keep the mind and body active, including games, arts and crafts, dance and yoga, music, and holiday-themed activities.


The gift is a $750,00 endowment which will support the program in perpetuity, offered by a grateful patient who spent five months in inpatient treatment at LDS Hospital.


“This patient, together with her husband and children, suffered through seemingly endless days, weeks, and months in a safe, but difficult environment. Some days were grim, depressing, and downright boring. This patient wanted to improve the experience for others,” said Matt Broadbent, executive director at Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation.


“It is a true gift to our community, and patients and families will have opportunity to find joy and humanity even in the midst of one of their life’s greatest trials,” added Shawn Morrow, LDS Hospital administrator.


One of the first patients to complete the program, Karl Dahle, 31, from Ashton, Idaho, said this therapy helped his recovery – offering an outlet and a purpose outside his hospital room. “Laughing, talking, visiting and leaving your worries behind was great. I’m a social person who needed that,” said Dahle.


An additional $50,000 gift supporting startup costs was given by a second donor, Lynette Loveland, whose husband James passed away from leukemia following nine months of treatment.


The Blood Marrow Transplant Program has hired Recreational Therapist, Charlene Clayton to oversee the Joy and Wellness Program, which serves 20-30 patients each day.

LDS Hospital celebrates the opening of a new “Joy and Wellness” program – a unique approach to recovery and healing specifically designed for bone marrow transplant patients, conceived of and funded by a former patient who wants to improve the experience for other patients.