A Good Samaritan Organ Donor Checks “Donate a Kidney” Off His To-Do List and Saves a Life; Men to Meet on Friday at Intermountain Medical Center


Two Utah men will meet each other for the first time after one of them generously donated a kidney to the other as a Good Samaritan organ donation at Intermountain Medical Center earlier this week. The two, who are still in the hospital, will meet for the very first time on Friday.


A Good Samaritan organ donor is someone who chooses to become a living donor and is willing to donate to someone they don’t know who is in need of a transplant. Organs from Good Samaritan donors are matched with the best possible candidate.

These two men are perfect strangers but will now be forever connected through the gift of organ donation – the gift of life. For the donor, it started as just a thought, after hearing a motivational speaker talk about donating a kidney to his brother. The donor acted on that thought and added it to his to-do list. It may have taken him five years, but he can now say he followed through on that goal and donated a kidney to a complete stranger.


11 am, Friday, March 29, 2019


Intermountain Medical Center (Meet in main lobby – Bldg #5)

5121 South Cottonwood Street, Murray


– Good Samaritan Kidney Donor

– Kidney Recipient

– Srini Srinivas, MD

– Medical Director Intermountain Healthcare Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Program