Bundles of Joy Wrapped in Holiday Stockings at Intermountain Medical Center

Volunteer Judy Kofoed (pictured) and Jan Kofoed hand-cut and sewed 100 stockings for babies around the holidays.

Babies born around the holidays at Intermountain Medical Center are going home wrapped in hand sewn stockings thanks to an extra special delivery from hospital volunteers.

Volunteers Judy Erickson and Jan Kofoed have hand-cut 100 stockings this year. 

Beginning in September, Erickson chose the holiday fabric, cut each stocking, then along with help from community volunteer Kofoed, sewed them with love and perfection.

Each extra-large stocking has a special tag for a boy or girl and a sweet note telling the new parents these are from the volunteers at Intermountain Medical Center.

Volunteer services donates them to the maternity unit, where they’re used to bundle up newborns when they go home during the holidays. New moms and dads also love having a stocking for a remembrance of their baby’s birth.

Erickson’s own son was born during December 52 years ago. 

“They gave me my boy wrapped in a big red ribbon and I still very vividly remember that feeling of joy. I hope these stockings are just as heartwarming as they take home their holiday gift to their family,” she recalls. 

“This is an annual holiday-tradition that the whole maternity department looks forward to every year,” said Alisha Bowling, BSN, RN, who is the maternity manager at Intermountain Medical Center.

Intermountain Medical Center is not the only Intermountain hospital wrapping up December’s newborn babies in specially sewn Christmas stockings. Alta View HospitalAmerican Fork HospitalDixie Regional Medical CenterLDS HospitalOrem Community Hospital, and Riverton Hospital are also giving new moms their babies wrapped in stockings before going home.

Volunteers hand-cut 100 stockings for babies born around the holidays.