Intermountain Healthcare Launches New Online Digital Tool to Help People Determine Their Risk for COVID-19

Intermountain Healthcare has launched its COVID-19 Symptom Checker – a new online, artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool that’s now available to the public on its website to help people assess their risk for novel coronavirus. 

The new tool is free and easy to use. It helps people assess their risk for COVID-19 and determine the most appropriate care setting for their condition, if needed. It can be accessed at

The new Intermountain Healthcare COVID-19 Symptom Checker uses a friendly AI-powered digital assistant named “Scout” to walk people through key questions related to their symptoms and risk.

The tool is continuously updated based on CDC and WHO guidelines and helps consumers by providing the following services:

  • Checks for COVID-19 symptoms and pertinent risk factors
  • Navigates people to appropriate resources and care based on their level of risk
  • Provides general information on symptoms, prevention, and what to do 
  • Provides authoritative and timely answers to common questions about COVID-19

“At Intermountain we’ve been developing tools to help people engage with us in ways that are convenient and familiar to them,” said Kevan Mabbutt, Intermountain’s chief consumer officer. “Healthcare can be complex and difficult to navigate. The COVID-19 Symptom Checker is designed to simplify the process of addressing your health concerns, help you take the best action, and access the right care. This digital tool is especially important with COVID-19 because of the need to get symptoms checked out simply and quickly while maintaining social distancing.”

“We’re working hard to provide resources for the community regarding COVID-19, and this is a valuable tool to help people do an initial assessment to determine their individual risk and to get clear guidance on the best care setting for their needs,” said Eddie Stenehjem, MD, an infectious diseases physician and medical director of Intermountain’s Antibiotic Stewardship program. “Our goal is to get the most accurate, up-to-date COVID-19 information and clinical guidance to our community. Our COVID-19 Symptom Checker can help us do just that.”

A video presentation of the COVID Symptom Check is available here.


New, free, online, tool available now to the public to help people assess their risk for novel coronavirus.