Want to Thank a Healthcare Worker?

Our healthcare workers around the state have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep our community safe. Here are 10 ideas on how you can thank a healthcare worker during this time:

  1. Wear a mask, social distance, limit your gatherings to your household. Encourage your community to do the same!
  2. Create a self-care gift bag for your healthcare worker and deliver it to their home
  3. Send flowers to their home help brighten up their day!
  4. Support your healthcare worker directly. Find out what how you can help your neighbors. Shovel snow? Clean gutters? Drop off cookies?
  5. Drop off a handwritten letter to a healthcare worker to show your support or record a video thanking your healthcare worker.
  6. Donate to our caregiver relief fund. Your gift to the “Caregiver Assistance Program” will be used to provide support directly to individual Intermountain employees who are experiencing hardships outside of work.
  7. Donate to our rapid relief fund, which helps cover outlays for equipment to protect the health of our caregivers, testing for COVID-19, virus research and treatment and more!
  8. Donate to our virtual family project, which helps purchases iPads for patient communication.
  9. Start a fundraiser. Unite your community to make positive change during the pandemic by starting your own virtual fundraiser.
  10. Share a note of gratitude virtually. Your notes of gratitude are tremendously appreciated and provide much-needed “emotional boosts.”

Visit intermountainhealthcare.org/together for more information and ways you can share