COVID in Utah: With New Cases on the Decline & Vaccines Rolling Out Across the State, What Does the Future Look Like?

With new cases of COVID-19 dropping overall (yesterday’s case count jumped slightly) and vaccines being rolled out across the state, what does the future look like for Utah from a clinical standpoint? 
Dr. Mark Briesacher, chief physician executive at Intermountain Healthcare, will provide an update on COVID in Utah today (Friday) at 2 pm, MDT, as part of the Intermountain’s Weekly Community COVID Update that will be broadcast live on Facebook. 
Dr. Briesacher will address:
– Impact of loosening restrictions (Utah statewide facemask mandate expires on April 10) and guidance (Intermountain will require face coverings to be worn in its hospitals and facilities beyond April 10)
– Impact of new and developing COVID variants in Utah and U.S.
– Status of vaccine distributions and update on vaccine inventory in Utah
– Equity and importance of getting vaccines to all communities of color in Utah
– Latest data on efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of COVID vaccines
– Danger of declaring victory too early regarding COVID pandemic and potential 4th COVID surge
– Current impact of the COVID virus on Utah hospitals and caregivers
2 pm, MDT, Friday, March 26, 2021
Dr. Mark Briesacher  
Intermountain Healthcare Chief Physician Executive
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Intermountain COVID Update to Address Today at 2 pm, MDT