Intermountain Sports Performance Celebrates 20 Years of Serving the St. George Area and Helping Athletes Be Great

March 2021 marks the 20th Anniversary for Intermountain Sports Performance, making it the longest standing fitness and sports performance training program in Washington County.

“It’s been an incredible journey being part of a program dedicated to building prolific athletes and impact players in every sport,” said Brennen Ames, Intermountain Sports Performance manager. “In 20 years, we have helped youth and adult athletes do everything from earn starting spots on varsity sports teams, earn college scholarships, and compete professionally in everything from the NFL to ultra-marathons. These athletes are already great, we just help them perform better.”

Since its inception in March 2001, the Intermountain Sports Performance program has offered training to athletes looking to gain an extra edge in their sport. With more than 17,000 training sessions held per year, athletes of any age or skill level can train with certified exercise physiologists and create an individualized training program to benefit any athlete. 

“We are honored to reach this milestone in our history and proud of all the athletes who we’ve trained,” said Ames. “We have seen 14 professional or master level athletes, 20 Region 9 MVP’s since 2010, 31 individual state champions, and 26 state record holders.” 

Each training program combines science and sports, focusing on improved outcomes and data. Athletes work with a range of equipment including high-speed treadmills, a suspension plyometric floor, free weights, resistance cords, and recovery equipment including ice baths, compression boots, and percussion massage. 

Specialized programs are also offered for endurance runners, as well as athletes in court sports like tennis, pickleball, and badminton. 

Intermountain Sports Performance is located at the St. George Regional Health and Performance Center and has a second location at the BeMore Complex at 1871 W. Canyon View Drive in St. George. 

Sign up your athlete today and watch them reach their full athletic potential. Call 435-251-2299 or visit for more information.



Longest standing fitness and sports performance training program in Washington County.