Intermountain Healthcare Hospitals and Caregivers Recognized for Excellence by Montana Hospital Association

Intermountain Healthcare hospitals and caregivers across Montana were recently recognized for their commitment to excellence in healthcare at the Montana Hospital Association’s annual awards banquet.

St. Vincent Healthcare, in Billings, received the 2022 Best Place to Work Award for large hospitals in the state by the Montana Hospital Association. The Best Place to Work Award honors healthcare organizations that go the extra mile in enhancing employee satisfaction through basic or creative retention strategies.

“St. Vincent Healthcare goes the extra mile to attract and retain high-quality healthcare talent. We are pleased to honor them with our 2022 Best Place to Work Award,” said Rich Rasmussen, Montana Hospital Association CEO. “The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of supporting our healthcare workforce and St. Vincent Healthcare is a leader as a great place to work.”

Especially during the pandemic, St. Vincent Healthcare focuses on supporting its workforce and continuing to provide the highest-quality care to all patients, through a variety of services including, creating peer-to-peer support groups, coordinated child care services for hospital staff to reduce the burden of school and child care center closures, and established an employee financial assistance program that provided more than $166,000 to 170 caregivers experiencing financial distress due to a partner’s job loss, the need to care for family members, and more. The hospital has also created the Caring for our Caregivers campaign to provide enhanced support for the mental health and well-being of all hospital staff.

B. Joan McCoy, a registered nurse and house supervisor at St. Vincent Healthcare shared, “I’ve had the privilege of walking these halls for nearly 30 years; I just love this place. We care compassionately for our community members and sometimes, even our own. And while we’re on the frontline delivering safe, high-quality care to our patients, it’s reassuring to know that our hospital leadership is working behind the scenes to ensure that our caregivers are also being cared for. I am just so proud to work for this hospital.”

Todd Mohr, PA, with St. James Healthcare in Butte, earned the top honor for caregivers in Montana healthcare. The Caregiver of the Year Award recognizes a caregiver who, on a daily basis, demonstrates extraordinary commitment to the delivery of care addressing and meeting the overall health and wellness needs of hospital staff, patients, caregivers and the communities they serve.

“We’re proud to recognize Todd as our 2022 Caregiver of the Year and cannot thank him enough for demonstrating such excellence in care while going above and beyond the call of duty,” said Rasmussen.

Mohr is the Quality Program Coordinator and Healthcare Provider Educator at St. James Healthcare. He goes above and beyond in his tireless efforts to educate caregivers on how to recognize a stroke quickly and alert stroke activation, helping to increase the likelihood a patient can avoid major complications from a stroke. Mohr also educates caregivers on how to care for the patient during transport to support the best outcomes possible.

“Caregivers do not do what they do for recognition, but the award definitely reinforces that leaders in our state and industry appreciate what we do,” said Mohr. “This work can be very fulfilling, especially when you are surrounded by good people who want to do the right thing and they are willing to learn. I think that is what makes St. James so special.”

Holy Rosary Healthcare, in Miles City, was also celebrated during the banquet for the recognition it received from the Montana Department of Health and Human Services for excellence in stroke and cardiovascular health care.

“While our caregivers provide safe, patient-centered care to the communities we serve, we are committed to providing an exceptional and safe work environment for our caregivers,” shared Jen Alderfer, President, St. Vincent Healthcare & Montana | Wyoming Market of Intermountain Healthcare. “It is gratifying and reaffirming to have MHA recognize what we experience every day at our hospitals in Montana, which is the unwavering commitment from our caregivers to our mission, values, and each other.”

For more information on the MHA awards, see here.


Intermountain Healthcare hospitals and caregivers across Montana have been recognized for their commitment to excellence in healthcare