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Utah Study Finds Improvements in Warfarin Use for Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Necessary to Protect Kidney Function and Heart Health

Date May 05, 2016

Atrial fibrillation patients taking Warfarin, a popular blood-thinning drug, are at higher risk of developing kidney failure if anticoagulation levels are not properly managed, according to a new...

New Study Finds Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Who Are Treated With Common Blood Thinner Have Higher Rates of Dementia

Date May 05, 2016

A new study by researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute of more than 10,000 patients treated long term with the blood thinner, Warfarin, reveals higher rates of dementia for...

Study Finds Cardiac Ablation Doesn't Reduce Atrial Fibrillation Risk For Patients With Syndrome

Date May 05, 2016

Patients with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome who receive catheter ablation to cure their abnormal heart rhythms are just as likely as non-ablated patients to develop atrial fibrillation no matter...

Up Your Fruit and Veggie Intake By Growing Them Yourself

Date Apr 28, 2016

Anyone searching for a way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, particularly the fresh kind, into their diet may want to plant a garden this spring.

Intermountain Medical Center joins Parents Empowered and Other Community Organizations to Fight the Dangers of Underage Drinking

Date Apr 26, 2016

Parents Empowered — Utah’s statewide campaign that aims to prevent and reduce underage drinking — has taken full advantage of Alcohol Awareness Month in April to...

Softball Star’s Senior Season Saved Thanks To On-Site Athletic Trainer

Date Apr 22, 2016

Payson High School Senior Hallie Neves remembers lying in the emergency room, listening as the doctor told her she had a fractured pelvis. She was in pain, with tingling in her legs and toes, but...