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Healthy Sleep Patterns Help Teens Succeed in School

Date Sep 25, 2015

Now that school is back in session, teens may be too wrapped up in football games and overdue assignments to think about going to bed on time. But a regular sleep schedule can play a big role in...

Reducing the Dangers of Long-Term IV Use in Patients, Intermountain Expert Helps Develop New Guidelines to Enhance Safety

Date Sep 23, 2015

More than a billion times a year, doctors and nurses insert tiny tubes into the veins of American hospital patients so they can deliver lifesaving medicine, give fluids and nutrition, monitor...

Advanced Simulation Center

Date Sep 23, 2015

The new Intermountain Simulation Center is the largest and most advanced simulation training center in the Mountain West.

LDS Hospital To Honor Historic Career of First Female OB/GYN In Utah on Thursday

Date Sep 16, 2015

LDS Hospital is celebrating the storied career of Utah’s first female OB/GYN, Vicki Macy, MD, who is retiring this fall.

New International Study Finds Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries Respond Best to Immediate, Aggressive Therapy

Date Sep 15, 2015

Doctors and therapists across the globe have new guidelines to aid in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, thanks to a new study by Intermountain Medical...

Intermountain Hospitals Among the Best for Community Value

Date Sep 15, 2015

Six hospitals recognized for being among nation’s best in providing value to communities through strong financial standing, lower than average costs, and high quality care.